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Be A Volunteer

Our volunteers understand and support the purpose, structure, and policies of the organization. They offer their special skills and experience, conduct themselves in accordance with the standards of conduct and ethics of Community Services for Sight. Volunteers are required to complete an orientation and training program or on the job training. Volunteers should be flexible in accepting assignments, perform assigned tasks willingly and courteously, and be able to accept guidance from the staff of CSS. Volunteers must comply with the time and dress requirements of the organization, comply with all security and safety rules, (child abuse clearances and criminal background checks are required), respect the confidentiality of clients and CSS information, provide timely notification of absence or resignation and serve as a goodwill ambassador of CSS within the community.

Community Services for Sight Volunteers have the right to:

  • An unbiased interview and to be placed in a volunteer position that will best benefit from their skills, experience, interests, and education.

  • Be oriented to the organization’s goals, objectives, principles, and to its general rules and regulations that apply to all employees and volunteers

  • Training by qualified staff for any project to which they are assigned

  • Written descriptions

  • Continuing education and training to help enable them to become more proficient

  • Be recognized for their performance and accomplishments as a volunteer

  • Perform their activities in an organization that complies with applicable workplace laws and regulations

  • Ask questions about assignments

  • Communicate with their coordinator or the President/CEO if necessary to address an issue.


Prevention Volunteer: Assist Prevention Specialist with vision screenings, driver, provide manpower at screenings at health fairs, schools, etc.

Social Services: Provide transportation and/or escort, read mail, assist with life skills education, assist at a support group

Agency Clerical: update databases, fold/stuff mail, organize files and miscellaneous clerical activities

Camp Sight: Assist with Camp Sight summer program


Realize satisfaction by helping others in need of assistance, work with enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and enjoyable people, volunteer recognition banquet, and enhance your resume.

Volunteer Requirements

Show respect and dignity to volunteers, clients, and staff of Community Services for Sight.

  • If you are injured while volunteering, please notify your coordinator immediately and complete an accident report. Remember that your activities should be limited to those described in your volunteer position description

  • The avoidance of tardiness or absenteeism is vital to the success of the daily operations at CSS, in case of an illness, vacation, or other absence please call 570-455-0421 or the cell number of the President/CEO to report your absence

  • Improper conduct, including but not limited to performing under the influence of drugs or alcohol, theft, causing injury, threatening other persons, unexplained absences, or unprofessional conduct may result in termination of the volunteer’s relationship with Community Services for Sight

  • Unauthorized promotion of personal causes, political opinions, religious beliefs while representing CSS can result in termination

  • Confidentiality is held as a high priority at CSS if you violate the confidentiality of CSS information, clients, etc you will be terminated

Volunteer Procedures

The office is located at 4 Brookihill Road, Sugarloaf, PA.  Your comments, concerns, suggestions, and recommendations are always welcome.

It is important that all volunteer staff sign-in and records his/her hours on provided timesheets. The total number of hours volunteered is donated and is utilized in many grant applications to indicate the size and scope of the volunteer program.

Each volunteer has a voice in the operation of Community Services for Sight. Should the volunteer have a concern or grievance, immediately speak to the President/CEO to discuss the matter.

Drug-Free Workplace

It is the policy of CSS to prohibit all employees from the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, or possession or use of a controlled substance. Any employee or volunteer found engaging in these activities will be immediately terminated.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Contact: Lori A. Lesante President/CEO

Fire: There is a fire extinguisher located in the large kitchen above the sink on the wall. There is an exit to the hallway in every office except the Caseworker’s

Reporting an emergency: Call 911, give name, nature of the emergency, address of building (4 Brookhil Road

Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania 18249 (570) 455-0421 and needed equipment.

Evacuating the Building: Exit the nearest door- there is an exit to the hallway in the lobby area, President/CEO office, Conference room, and Life Skills Instruction Room, take personal belongings, shut down all computers, coffee pots, etc. Report to a designated location outside.


Theft: If you see or suspect a theft contact the President/CEO she will take care of the situation.

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