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     Community Services for Sight offers a variety of services to help our customers remain independent in their communities. These services include door to door transportation to and from all medical appointments; our friendly, courteous drivers will help you from the door of your home into the doctor’s office. The same caring, compassionate services will be received on your return home. We also provide in-home support services such as assistance with reading and organizing mail, check writing, balancing checkbooks, compiling shopping lists, filling out forms or applications, labeling, and organizing household items.

     The Specialized Services program is designed to assist individuals who are blind or visually impaired of any age to maintain independence in their home and community. Services provided under this contract are Transportation/Escort, Support Services, and Lifes Skills Education. Transportation/Escort is provided to enable a customer to safely reach facilities and essential community resources for such reach medical facilities and essential community resources for such purposes as banking, shopping, receipt of support services, and material assistance.

     Support Services - Support Services are provided in accordance with the need of the individual customer. The services involve the provision of minor tasks that will enable customers to remain in their own homes and can include activities such as assistance with preparing shopping lists and with shopping.

     Assistance with personal business such as reading mail, paying bills, budgeting, handling correspondence, filing applications for benefits and other essential errands.

Assistance in labeling organizing and storage.

     Marking or adjusting household appliances and equipment subsequent to professional instruction Secondary support service essential to the customer’s well being such as snow and ice removal and minor household repairs.

     Life Skills Education and Support Group help customers understand, compensate for, and adjust to their vision loss. Life Skills Education includes education on blindness-related issues such as community awareness/resources, banking options, diabetic education, crime prevention, sensory development, self-esteem building, self-advocacy, peer support, assertiveness training, emergency first aid, product information, low-vision product information, stress management, and other topics to assist the customer in adjusting their visual loss. Support Groups are forums for sharing ideas, exchange of feelings and practical experiences, and sharing practical information among members.

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