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First Course
Carrot & Ginger Soup with
a Golden Milk Fizz Drink
(Tumeric, Cinnamon, Black Pepper & Honey)
Second Course
Rice Noodle Duo
(Hoisin Sauce, Bean Sprout & Peanuts)
with PB&J Cocktail

(Peanut Butter washed Plum Wine with Chambord Pearls Boba in a Honey Tuile on top)
Third Course
Crispy Pork Belly,
Barley Riso
tto, Charred Corn & Mint with a clarified Whiskey Smash.
(American single malt whiskey, thai basil, mint with clarified lemon juice)
Fourth Course
Lemon Lavender Granita
Iced Dessert Buzz Button Intermezzo.
(Eat 1/2 of the granita then eat buzz button and sugar.
It will have a cool or sour affect and may numb your mouth)
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